Mehmet Emin Turanalp, PhD
Mehmet Emin Turanalp, PhD
Mehmet Emin Turanalp

General Interest and Past Research Areas:

Database Management Systems, Bioinformatics, Software Engineering, Information Security Assurance and IT Audit, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, analysis of protein interaction networks, graph algorithms, Data Analytics\Data Science.

Work History:

IT Audit Manager, VISA Inc., Foster City , CALIFORNIA

Senior Expert, Vakifbank TAO, Information Security Department, İSTANBUL

Technical Manager, Vakifbank TAO, Internet Banking Software Development, ANKARA-İSTANBUL

Instructor, Selçuk University, Computer Engineering Dept. , KONYA

Software Engineer, Syncsort Inc. , NEW JERSEY

Research Assistant, Selçuk University, Computer Engineering Dept. , KONYA



Selçuk University, Institute of Sciences, Konya, Turkey    (Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Saadetdin Herdem)



Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara Turkey (Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Asuman Doğaç)



Computer Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey


High School

Konya (Meram) Anadolu Lisesi





·Previous (Some in Turkish)

  • 1213508 Data Structures in Java
  • 1213604 Database Management Systems
  • 1213701 Computer Networks
  • 1213207 Programming Languages-1 Lab.
  • 1213307 Logic Design-1 Lab.
  • 1213713 Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • 1213605 Operating Systems
  • 1213320 Spoken  English  in Professional Life


  • M. Emin Turanalp, Tolga Can, "Discovering Functional Interaction Patterns in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks", BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:276
  • Erkan Ülker, M. Emin Turanalp, H. Selçuk Halkacı, "An artificial immune system approach to CNC tool path generation",  (to appear in) Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, doi: 10.1007/s10845-008-0104-6
  • Oğuz Fındık, Erkan Ülker, M. Emin Turanalp, “A New Image Encryption Method” , 4th International Advanced Technologies Symposium, Sept 2005 , Konya Türkiye,
  • K. Marquart, F.Yildiz, T.Meier, E. Turanalp , “ Internet Security Protocols-A Survey”,  Telemedizin in Hessen, 24, , 199 - 211, 2002, Germany Ferruh Yildiz, Emin Turanalp , “Multicast Routing”,    Second Turkish-German Joint Computer Application Days, , , 161 - 174, 1998


Sun Certified Java Programmer , 

PMI certified Project Management Workshop,

CISA Certified Information Security Auditor.

Practival Machine Learning.

 Students & Projects:

  • "SQL Tester: Design and Implementation of  an online system to assess the students for their SQL knowledge", Senior Project, Şebnem Adıgüzel, Ali Şenol, Turgut Helvacıoğlu, Orçun Elibol, 2008
  • "Mobile Phone Address Book Aplication in Java ", Konya, Course Project, Mehmet Özcan, 2008
  • "Automatic Excel Form Collector in Visual C#", Course Project, Şerife Özdemir, 2008
  • "Data mining Applications in e-commerce", Senior Project, M. Serkan Çınar, 2007
  • "Service Oriented Online Auction Site", Senior Project, M. Yasir Herdem, Murat Önder, 2007
  • "Outlook Embedded Software Plagiarism Detection Tool", Senior Project, Eren Özel, 2007
  • "Online E-mail Campaign Tracking Tool", Senior Project, M. Servet Kıran, 2007
  • "XML Web Services Listing Site", Senior Project, Hasan Coşan, 2007
  • "Mobile Applications for Distance Learning", Senior Project, M. Taha Göker,  Volkan Keskin, Turgut Yaleze, 2007
  • "XML Web Service Based SMS Messaging System - via dual band modem", Senior Project, Süleyman Gündem, 2007
  • "Master Search Engine", Senior Project, Fatma Tamer, 2007
  • "Banner Advertising and Web Marketing Campaign  Management  Software",  Senior Project, Mustafa Özlü,  2007
  • "Web Based Document Management System", Senior Project, Nilay Çeter, 2006
  • "Configurable Remote Database Syncronizer  (between Oracle and MS Access)",  Senior Project, Osman Genç, 2006
  • "Web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Senior Project, S. Ahmet Özdemir,  Erkan Şengönül,  2006
  •  "Web Based Document Management System", Senior Project, Serkan Aktı, Kemal Şekerci, 2005
  • "MS Outlook Rule Based Email Forwarder", Senior Project, Mustafa Ercire, 2004

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